Transportation terminals

Our transportation terminals

We have a nationwide network of terminals in the Nordic countries where loading and unloading of vehicle takes place. In total, we transport more than a million vehicles annually and handle both large and small volumes in our transport flows. Our transport management is handled from the cities Södertälje, Gothenburg and Halmstad in Sweden, Drammen in Norway and Fredericia in Denmark.
Nissan, Opel, BCA, Renault, Dacia, Land Rover, Jaguar, Corvette, Cadillac, Volvo, Mazda, Ford, Tesla
Audi, BMW, Seat, Skoda, Volkswagen, Mini
Honda, Iveco, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Subaru, BCA, Peugeot, Citroën, Mercedes, Suzuki, Ssang Yong, Ford
Audi, Seat, Skoda, Volkswagen,  Mercedes, Porsche, Smart, Ford
ALD Automotive, Alfa Romeo, Audi, AVIS, Citroën, Dacia, Fiat, Ford, Hertz, Isuzu, Jaguar, Jeep, Land Rover, LeasePlan, Lexus, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Opel, Renault, Seat, Skoda, SsangYong, Subaru, Suzuki, Tesla, Toyota, Volkswagen, Volvo

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