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Axess Antirust is part of the Norsk antirustforening, the country’s largest anti-rust organisation.

Our workshop employees specialise in carrying out the treatments needed to protect cars against rust. We have over 50 years of experience in treating new and used cars at Drammen Seaport.


Our anti-rust treatment ensures:

  • A longer life for your car

  • Better resistance to rust

  • Reduced loss of value on your car

  • Reduced maintenance costs


Take care of your car!

Resistance to rust varies from one car to the next. We treat some cars as new, giving the vehicles good protection. It is a good idea to repeat this treatment every few years. (Changed to sentence)

Norway has a much harsher climate than most other countries in Europe. This means there is a much greater risk of rust damage up here due to our different seasons and temperature fluctuations, plus damp weather, gritting, gravel and sand on the road. Government strategy in Norway is that roads must be free of ice all year round, which means a lot of gritting. While this keeps the roads clear, car undercarriages are less happy about the type of salt used for gritting.


Extra rust protection with a good undercarriage treatment will pay dividends over time by preventing your car from being damaged by salt. Older cars may well have already started to rust. A frequent solution here is sandblasting to ensure the best possible rust removal, followed by recommended rust treatment. Getting a protective anti-rust treatment from us will protect your car against salt and delay rusting. For happy cars, and happy owners.

Click here for a description of our Antirust Brukte biler


Have us check your car completely free of charge!

Book an appointment for an inspection and to get a quote for anti-rust protection: rebehandling@axesslogistics.no 
Tel: +47 48 20 78 33



After the inspection, you will receive a quote for the treatment. Prices are standardised within the Norwegian Anti-Rust Association, but some cars may need preparatory work such as sandblasting.
Because we agree on the price beforehand, you’re guaranteed no nasty surprises when ordering protective treatment with us.
Get in touch for a no-obligation inspection and quote.


We can offer several services once the car is in our garage

  • Wheel change:

    Why not change to summer/winter tyres while your car is already at the garage?

  • Chip protect film

    We can apply a protective film to your bumpers to protect against chipping from stones and gravel. 

  • Sill protect film 

    Sand/dirt from shoes or dogs getting in/out of the car can quickly lead to tears on the door/boot sills. We can apply a protective film to exposed areas.

  • Interior cleaning and odour removal with Ozon treatment 

    Remove nasty odours from cigarettes, dogs and more with our Ozon treatment.

  • Fix small scratches and dents

    We share our premises with Bulkfix who can fix dents or damage to the paintwork easily and affordably. They can do their valuation at the same time as we do our rust check.

    Don’t hesitate to get in touch with questions about rust treatment and other vehicle services. We are more than happy to book an appointment to run through things with you.




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