Axess Antirust

Protective treatments against rust in cars

Axess Antirust is part of the Norwegian Anti-rust Association, the country’s largest anti-rust chain. Our workshop specialises in protective treatments against rust in cars.

Both the climate and road environment in Norway are tough for new and old cars alike. The widespread use of salt on the roads may lead to rust on a car’s chassis and ducts. Getting a protective anti-rust treatment from us will protect your car against salt and delay the formation of rust. We have over 50 years’ experience of treating new and used cars at Drammen Seaport.

Book an appointment with us for an inspection and an offer to protect your car.

Contact for appointment/inspection: rebehandling@axesslogistics.no 
Telephone: : +47 48 20 78 33

We provide an offer after inspection. Prices are standardised within the Norwegian Ant-rust Association, but some cars may need preparatory work such as sandblasting. Since we agree on a price beforehand, you, as a customer, can be certain of the full cost when ordering protective treatment with us.

Contact us for a no-obligations inspection and offer to treat your car.

Axess is a large group of companies that offers a wide range of services. Maybe you would like to take up an offer on our other services while your car is with us in the workshop:

  • Tyre change NOK 499 incl. VAT. We are running a tyre change offer during October and November and are including this as part of the package for all cars coming to us for servicing.
  • Chip protect film. We can apply a protective film to your bumpers to protect against chipping from stones and gravel. Price available upon request.
  • Sill protect film. Sand/dirt from shoes or dogs getting in/out of the car can quickly lead to tears on the door/boot sills. We can apply a protective film to exposed areas. Price available upon request.
  • Interior cleaning and odour removal with Ozon treatment. Remove nasty odours from cigarettes, dogs and more with our Ozon treatment. Prices from NOK 2980 incl. VAT.
  • Repair small chips and dents with Smartrepair. We have an in-house partner who is an expert in this area. Bulkfix.

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